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Don't Trust Prince Ea (Diss track)

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Prince Ea has done some frickin' dodgy things. Here are several of them.
It sucks that someone who has done some great work, like raising awareness for a charity, also causes so many serious problems.
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Transition music: I made it lol
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Wiki page on depression
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Can we auto correct humanity?
Mythbusters episode:
Goldfish studies:
Zion B., Karplus I. and Barki A. 2014.
Effect of duration and timing of acoustic signal transmission on ranched fish response.
Journal of Applied Aquaculture.
ADD becoming ADHD in 1987
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Hi I'm Dave from Voina band recently I was looking around the internet when I found a video telling me you are not depressed stop it with an angry looking guy in the thumbnail who I recognized this is Prince E he's a youtuber and rapper who was more recently started making content which is motivating and inspiring according to himself you've probably seen some of the more.

Successful stuff on Facebook his spoken word videos have gone friggin crazy viral now at first glance it looks like he's spreading a good message but underneath the surface there are some really fundamental things he's doing which struck me as seriously dodgy and watching the video behind the angry thumbnail pushed me over the edge so today I'm calling out Prince e on.

Several things I think he's doing wrong first that video okay so it's obvious clickbait and that's understandable we're gonna do or gonna do to copy reverse fiance but the problem I had was within the content you are not depressed stop saying that did he just say that so mad I'm seriously gonna go off on this guy in the comments oh snap I got people mad already Bennet ready to go off on me.

In the comments you may be experiencing a depression right now but you are not depressed see you or the sky depression frustration sadness these are passing clouds they come they go okay I'm gonna have to stop you that no depression does not always go see it looks like you're mixing up this Wikipedia page with this one depressed can be a mood like sadness or frustration but depressed can also.

Refer to major depressive reckon major depressive disorder a mental disorder people are genetically predisposed to this professor from Stanford University explain it it's a biochemical disorder with a genetic component an early experience influences where somebody can't appreciate sunsets and that's what this disease is about seriously well worth watching the full thing small.

Hagrid has some great insight so let's see what else Prince has to say now pause the video right now and take some with this this is life-changing if you have to tell someone something is life-changing then it probably isn't that life-changing you are the witness the perceiver of depression in that which perceives depression is not depressed okay I get what you're trying.

To say if you treat your emotions and thoughts as if you are a passive observer you're more likely to be able to live with them this is at the core of the type of scientifically backed therapy which my therapist did called a CT I actually emailed one of the people who created the therapy Steven Hayes who sent me a bunch of studies with evidence of it being effective but there are a.

Lot of people who are stuck with brains that do not let their sadness go and this is why this part of his video is so problematic see imagine is remote control is depression so you got you and then you got depression depression comes it goes it comes it stays for a while it goes so those people who have the mental disorder it's like saying to someone in the middle of a heart attack you don't.

Have heart attacks you may be experiencing a heart attack but you do not have heart attacks heart attacks come they go and judging from the comments it's not just me who felt strongly about this in fact one of his fans uploaded a response video which really explained this well first of all thank you for being an incredible force for change it's fantastic but um dude if.

This is depression and you had been in my house yesterday I would have thrown the fucking thing at you so a choice of people may it's a shift in perception that's caused by or has its basis in biochemistry what you're saying now I think all my 7s on the side have been a little bit dangerous for folks but I thought had give him the benefit of the doubt maybe he just messed up once with.

This topic until I found another video where he mentions the same concept with some more mistakes see this world we live in it creates depression for the mood yes for the mental illness no sunsets this is where the damaging part comes in see every body suffers from depression there's always this little voice between the lines there of come on pull yourself together we all deal with.

This sort of thing this video is going to encourage that voice in depressed people which makes them feel inadequate everyone else has it come and go but not me that's the kind of thing that could contribute to the statistic you referenced at the start of this video did you know that in 10 years depression will be the leading cause of death hang on really even if a heart disease or.

Cancer that seems really freakin high let me check his sources wait there isn't one wait is it here now what about in here behind this here where here isn't this is the next problem the guy references studies all over the place I read a study yesterday steady showed eeeh there was a study done a hospital study at a rate of 40 football fields every minute but I can't.

Find his sources any freaking where and not in a description not on his Facebook posts not hidden in the background of his videos wait what's that oh it's just Bigfoot false alarm so I have no idea whether what he's saying is just made-up like in his video can we autocorrect humanity did you know the average person spends four years of his life looking down at a cell phone wow really.

But I'd love to research this to contribute to the conversation but I can't because you don't cite the second source and this made me wonder just how much scientific misinformation is this guy just casually throwing out there so I started to check steady shorty attention span of the average adult today this one second lower than that of a goldfish.

Now this struck me is absolute crap and it turns out that's because it's absolute crap the closest I could find to a source that he might be referencing was a marketing brochure saying the average time a user spends to digest information has decreased significantly over the past 12 years from 12 seconds in 2000 to eight seconds in 2012 less than the average attention span of a.

Goldfish and after hours of searching I couldn't find the actual study at all but even if we put aside for the moment the fact that he's citing a study that doesn't seem to exist it still means absolutely bugger all because the study measured how long Internet users spent on each page before moving on to the next one it might show the website slowed faster now or that there's more.

Crap on the internet that we have to wade through before finding the good stuff but it does not show that people are incapable of paying attention to important messages which the next part of the video suggests so if you wanted a few people or aquatic animals that have yet to click off or close this video congratulations were to merge and not only did he mess.

Up the part about human attention spans but the goldfish part is also wrong there are two studies proving they can remember things for months and if that's not your thing even freaking Mythbusters did an episode proving it wrong 30 seconds I think is pretty good too could make it through four holes it's clear that they've learned and it's clear that they do in fact have a memory longer.

Than three seconds myth busted I just don't know how many more layers of wronged nurse it's possible to pile onto one sentence except maybe this one who now that one was just a random fact trying to strengthen his point but some of the things he claims have worse consequences a line that made me freaking shake with frustration was videos at 6 seconds at high speed and.

You wonder why a DD is on a rasp ok so as you might say stop saying there now here I know you didn't do any research not just because you called it a DD when it's been known in the psychological community as ADHD since 1987 but also ADHD is one of the most freakin genetic mental disorders I contacted one of the world's leading ADHD experts dr. Russ Barkley who told me that and then.

Explained 70 to 80 percent is the result of differences in genetics across the entire population it exceeds the genetic variation in any psychological trait if you have an identical twin with ADHD the risk to you is 75 to 90 94 percent roughly so does watching troll videos cause ADHD but we found no real evidence of purely social factors that can explain this disorder it really behaves.

Very much like a biological trait ADHD is friggin horrible it's essentially being trapped in your own brain unable to control yourself like normal people can this guy's spreading a lie that people could avoid it if they just stopped using their phones rather than the truth that is is one of the most treatable genetic disorders with medication and this from a guy who.

According to himself is making smart cool come up makes more call the game that is definitely not smart and it is definitely not cool so why would he do this well if we take a look later in this video it brings me to the final issue with princey pretty princey makes things seem a lot worse than they actually are so people get emotional enough to share it mr..

Zuckerberg not to be rude but you should reclassify Facebook to what it is an anti-social networker because some people are not using Facebook in a healthy way the entire site which has allowed billions of people to keep in touch across countries is anti-social he gives no sense of nuance to the argument and even just totally lies technology has made us more selfish and separate.

Than ever here are several sources which found charitable giving has been growing for decades but I'd love to see what you base your point on but I wait you didn't side the soul as any the news is 140 characters I could have sworn the technology that is freely share our footage and reads the news is 140 characters issues like police brutality which never news is 140 characters.

Twitter didn't the news is a hundred say ok what else is wrong no longer do I want to spoil a precious moment by recording it with a phone for a spoiler precious moment richest moment but that's just my moment by recording it with a phone I'm just gonna keep them notice this is a surprisingly popular opinion but I just don't get what's wrong with it but if you want to share.

It with someone who couldn't be there or if you have a bad memory or if heaven forbid you enjoy looking at photos I don't want to take a picture of all my meals anymore I'm just gonna eat them I don't see the appeal of taking pictures of food either but some people seem to enjoy it what's wrong with that just in fuller than my mr. Graham I don't want that you.

Add the new software or the new update well in that case of cybersecurity is gonna be severely compromised and if I want to post an old photo hang on you just said you don't the news is 140 characters of my mistake and it ends on this big point I imagine a world where we smile when we have low batteries because that'll mean we'll be one bar closer to humanity the implication here.

Is that technology prevents humanity how many films or songs have made you emotional how many online conversations make people happy your own videos judging from the response made people emotional which is very human he went even further in another video entitled why I think this world should end technology is giving us everything we could ever want and at the same time.

Stolen every day we really need really need me really need forget everything around us this technology easily accessible food your freakin polo shirt what's the cutoff point for you 18:46 was the penny farthing a step too far he continues to monger fear this easier to find a big magnet in Apple no it isn't there are more supermarkets than McDonald's are you looking for fruit.

Also you can get apples at McDonald's just ask when you find the Apple has been genetically processed and mattify been genetically modifying things for centuries bananas used to look like this do you want that do you want to eat that princey there's more violence on the screen in ever before and yet this is the least violent period in human.

History today we are probably living in the most peaceful time in our species existence death rate goes down from 65,000 in the 1950s to less than 2,000 deaths in this decade there's so much of this crap he makes it seem like the world is getting worse and worse than in a lot of ways we're improving but that's not a shareable poetry video is it now this point I have is what made me stop.

Thinking this could just be unintentional and made me question if he respects his audience at all so on Facebook different post types get different promotion by Facebook's algorithm though Facebook can make the most money things which keep people on the site for longer are promoted like videos and posts and links which take people off the site don't so that's why.

I upload most of my videos to Facebook directly rather than just linking to the YouTube video and Prezi does this himself by uploading his videos to Facebook and YouTube separately now I noticed something weird on Prince E's Facebook very often he linked to articles externally instead of making posts directly on Facebook now I wondered why you wouldn't just post.

Directly to Facebook or stick with the motivational quote pictures which he slaps his name on to get a bit more exposure and then I realized most of the articles were from the same few websites most were plastered with ads and some of them were focused on selling something when you see what this click bake crap is it gets worse I found this article written for Prince EA whatever that.

Means on this site it titled six signs you're in the presence of a deceased family member so they're getting money by lying to desperate bereaved people and spamming their pages with ads I might understand if this was a few articles which he'd made a mistake about but this is systematic it's frickin daily so I wondered hang on is he getting paid for this isn't he supposed.

To disclose when he's paid to endorse something so I looked it up in America where he's from the FTC monitors how legal this stuff is I found the FTC guidelines saying say you're planning a vacation you do some research and find a glowing review on someone's blog that a particular resort is the most luxurious places ever state if you knew the hotel had paid the blogger hundreds of dollars.

To say great things about it it could affect how much weight you give the bloggers endorsement the bloggers should therefore let his readers know about that relationship but maybe he actually is just sharing articles regularly which decreases his facebook ranking and potential audience growth until I saw some of them were written by him and the FTC guidelines also had a Q&A section.

Which had this part I work for a terrific company can I mention our products for people in my social networks you should make sure that your relationship is disclosed to people who read your online postings about your company or its products either he's writing a lot of unpaid clickbait articles or he's making money by misleading his audience every day and as.

He said repeatedly he's really smart but makes more call the game now perhaps I missed something which is entirely possible but it seems seriously fishy to me one of the most frustrating things about all this is that fundamentally I like that he's trying to do good in the world he clearly makes a lot of people happy and inspired even if he does say so.

Himself and has raised some great awareness with a few years videos but these vague generalizations with no scientific backing just make it impossible to trust what he's saying and what's worse is there are plenty of other issues which you could address which are a lot less vague and still incredibly important and since princey has called out individuals in the past.

To give constructive criticism I thought this might be the most appropriate way to address him we're to study the other day it should be careful with you listening to Prince da not gonna cite it in case you criticize it but they be tried to summarize it anyway it said if some guy makes wild unsourced claims never provide citations for what he states and tries to drum up.

Fear of what's not a big deal then be skeptical as hell of what is saying calling everyone's depression the same you insane just not there were these one psychiatrists would have explained and can always just be thought out of Jesus there's a chemical imbalance please birth do some research and saying any days caused by media consumption you kind of hard to drop such incorrect.

Presumptions a mountain of evidences that it is genetic and man it's ADHD don't you listen to catch it you won't recall Precious Moments on the phone I suppose you hated the moment you posted this photo with Oprah your hippie hypocrite but about your clicking we split delete it all of it quick recording society's downfall technologies out to get us put down your.

Phones are devious oh and before you do follow me on social media you hate media over stimulation wait look how many spam article t posting on Facebook would have got to give congratulations for picking the videographer good enough to distract from the inaccurate crap you're saying fear mongering of the state of the world the seem clever when several of the things you said are better than ever we.

Are way less selfish and were safer than historically and what made that possible oh yeah technology human curiosity man that is humanity what isn't it spreading misinformation the damaging now I'm not perfect but I have some citations missed but I tried to be consistent in if innocent then I'll fix it alight your aim to bring attention to important issues in if we fix things you'd be.

Great hell that's why I thought this year but if you won't listen to me maybe you'll listen to one of your fans who left this comment trying to help you understand sing even though I really like your thoughts and attitude gonna win follow cuz if they fail as a lack of scientific proof peace you you.


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